A Swiss scientist by the name of Urs Neu has compiled a short (32 pages) easy to understand rebuttal of the more common recent denier talking points. Unlike the common denialist, each point in Urs Neu’s paper references the primary literature. What a novel idea.

You can find the paper here.

It seems denialists have trouble with probabilities, except of course when some Denialist Commander-in-Chief puts together an attack on a scientist using questionable statistical analysis, then they all know exactly how it all works. They are bloody good at building straw man arguments though, so to them any severe weather event is an example of the ‘warmists’ (thats me) claiming a single event as proof of global warming.

To find out how Dr. Neu answers that you’re going to have to download and read the paper.

While you have it open on your desktop, you might as well read the whole thing.

(Hat tip to Eli Rabbit)