A long time ago in a Galaxy far far away I was to become a Psychologist. In this world there were no personal computers, no Internet, no e-mails, nothing in the electronic world we take for granted now, but there were books, and people, conflict and cooperation, laughing and crying, love and hate, all the good things that come with being human in a human society. There was also money, a house, a wife and 2 kids, and the food and clothing that went with all that. They took me away from my goal. After my B.A. I quit formal learning and started formal working making formal money.  That may have been a mistake.

But that’s life.

Some time later, seemingly a lifetime later, after alienating my son, and losing my wife, then getting her back,  I was introduced to a computer. I went back to school. Three years later I emerged from those educated halls with a B.S. in CS. I wrote code for 10 years until tripping over and falling into a business that repaired and sold PCs. I’m still there. I now own it.

Back in 2002 I started looking for company in my atheism and found a place called talk.origins. It wasn’t full of atheists but it was full of scientists and like minded people, people just like me. I stayed for a while, learning about science, evolution and creationist arguments, before heading off to a site plug full of creationist nonsense. I met and became friends with a number of scientists and other highly intelligent people who contributed immensely to my store of knowledge.


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